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The Museum of Latin American Art is open to the public

Categoría: Institutional agenda

Descripción: The University of Alcalá has opened the Museum of Latin American Art, located on the ground floor of the Cisneros Building (the former Cuartel del Príncipe), which will have two large but separate spaces, the first of which is devoted to collections of José F. Llopis Foundation and the second to Luis González Robles Museum.

The museum occupies an area of over 1,300 square metres, divided into two rooms: the older collection includes pieces from the Luis González Robles Museum, which have been exhibited on various occasions in various venues at the UAH and which will be located in this space on a permanent basis from now on.

Fecha Inicio: 30-09-2018

Fecha Fin: 31-12-2018

Universidad de Alcalá