Applied Economic Analysis

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Master's Degree in Applied Economic Analysis (M148)

Information leaflet

Participating Universities

Universidad de Alcalá

Organising Centre, Department or Institute

Departamento de Economía de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Empresariales y Turismo

Teaching centre(s)

Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Empresariales y Turismo
Plaza de la Victoria, 3
28801. Alcalá de Henares

Year Course Started

2015-2016 (RD 1393/2007)



Official Duration

One academic year full-time

Minimum number of ECTS by type of registration and course

60 ECTS full-time and 30 ECTS part-time

Type of teaching




Professional qualification

This is not a degree title qualifying with ministerial approval for the exercise of regulated professional activities.




Dr. José María Arranz Muñoz


Practice Coordinator
Dra Isabel Encabo Rodríguez
Academic and quality coordinator
Dr. Federico Pablo Martíz

Academic Committee

D. José María Arranz Muñoz (Presidente)

D. Federico Pablo Martí (Coordinador)

Dª Isabel Encabo Rodríguez

D. Ruben Garrido Yserte

D. Carlos Mario Gómez Gómez

Dª Eva Senra Díaz

Dª Myriam Valdezate Sayalero (PAS)


Academic Issues:

Departamento de Economía
Tlf.: 91 885 42 02

Administrative issues:

Goals and competencies

The goals of this Master's degree are in line with the stipulates of the Spanish Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (MECES) and ensure the achievement of the basic competencies required to obtain a master's degree, following article 3.3, Appendix I of R.D. 1393/2007.

Fulfilment of the goals means students have achieved competencies that must be consistent with the fundamental rights of equality between men and women, with the principles of equal opportunities and of universal accessibility for the disabled, and with the values proper to a democratic and peace-loving culture.

Postgraduate Short Courses

This Master's offers to any student the possibility to study a selection of subjects compounding a Postgraduate Short Course, which will enable the student, if requested at the end of the course, to obtain an Own Studies Degree title from the university of Alcalá.

After finishing the subjects the student could apply, paying the correponding fees, for a Certificate of the Postgraduate Short Course. Besides, if the student wants to complete the Master's in the future, the subjects finished in the Postgraduate Short Course will automatically be incorporated in the student's academic record at no cost.

Pre-registration and matriculation of these Postgraduate Short Courses will follow the usual procedure of pre-registration and matriculation.

The Short Courses included in the Master's are:

Number of places for new students

Total places available: 35:
A minimum of 20 students are required to teach the Master programme

Reserved places: 5% for students with a certified disability of 33% or more.

Specific admission conditions

Revenue profiles

Se considerarán títulos afines para el acceso y admisión al Máster en Análisis Económico Aplicado los grados en Economía, el grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas y el Grado en Economía y Negocios Internacionales. El resto de titulaciones se valorarán en función de la titulación y de la formación previa del estudiante.

La Comisión Académica del Master podrá exigir complementos formativos.

La Comisión Académica del Máster valorará el currículo y estudios previos de los candidatos para comprobar su adecuación al programa. Esta valoración podrá incluir, si se considera necesario, una entrevista personal.

The criteria of selection will be:
- Título afín: 25%
- Expediente académico: 55%
- Experiencia profesional: 15%
- Otros méritos: 5%
La Comisión Académica del Máster, una de cuyas misiones más relevantes será también la coordinación docente, estará compuesta por tres miembros: el director académico del Máster y dos profesores doctores del Departamento de Economía de la Universidad de Alcalá.


(this information must be read in order to matriculate properly)

Subjects, academic staff, competences, teaching guides and final project regulations

For Master's Dissertations to be defended from the academic year 2019-20 onwards, it has been established that, along with the Master's Dissertation, the student must submit to the director the summarized report (% of coincidence) given through Turnitin application, once the director has opened the application to obtain the aforementioned report (Approved by the Official Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Committee, on its regular session dated 24th September 2019).


Collaboration agreements and programmes




Academic year 2021-22

From September 2021 to June 2022


From monday until thursday, from 15 to 21 hours

The classes of the Master's Degree in Applied Economic Analysis are taught in a face-to-face mode and in real-time online mode for foreign students with problems entering the country so far and for those in quarantine affected by Covid-19 and/or vulnerable groups bearing medical certification.


Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Empresariales y Turismo
Campus Histórico
Plaza de la Victoria, 3
28801. Alcalá de Henares

Material resources

Installations, services and plans
(Computer rooms, bibliographic resources, libraries, study rooms):



Material resources available to course participants

External Practicums

Spanish Registry of Universities, Centres and Qualifications registration

Course implementation

Quality guarantee system

Quality committee

D. Federico Pablo Martí  (Coordinador de Calidad del Máster)

D. José Mª Arranz Muñoz (Director del Máster)

Dª. Eva Senra Díaz (Profesora del Máster)

D. Julián Gabriel Soriano Harris (Alumno)

Dª Myriam Valdezate (PAS)

Complaints and Suggestions