Postgraduate School

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The University of Alcalá's Postgraduate School is the body responsible for coordinating and organising Postgraduate and Lifelong Learning courses.

  • Official Postgraduate courses. There are three levels of university courses leading to official diplomas: the Bachelor's degree, Master's degree and the Doctorate, and the latter two categories are considered Postgraduate courses.
    • University Master's degrees. These are official courses which are aimed at the acquisition of advanced training oriented towards academic/professional specialisation, or to providing an introduction to research work.
    • Doctoral Programmes. These courses focus on advanced training in research techniques for students. They include the preparation of an original research project called the Doctoral Thesis which leads to the Doctorate, which is the highest level of university degree.
  • UAH-endorsed qualifications. Apart from official qualifications, the Organic Law of Universities allows universities to establish courses leading to the award of their own Diplomas in all knowledge areas. There is a strong demand for these courses from economic and social sectors, which are unable to find the knowledge and skills they consider necessary in official studies. They include a wide range of UAH-endorsed bachelor's degree and postgraduate courses and courses providing continuous training.