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PhD position to undertake a doctoral thesis in the design and development of mixed metal oxides as high-performance materials for thermochemical energy storage (OFERTA DE EMPLEO 080_2018)

Categoría: Oferta de empleo

Descripción: CIC energiGUNE is a Basque energy research centre which mission is to play a leading role on the international stage in the field of energy storage technologies and contribute to the industrial competitiveness of Basque Country.
K4-TEKNIKER is a Basque technology centre focused on enhancing the innovative capabilities of their customers and furthering their technological capital to be more competitive, although in a sustainable manner, by producing and applying scientific & technical knowledge.
We are now inviting applications for a shared PhD position between these two institutions, to develop a research in the field of Thermal Energy Storage.

Fecha Inicio: 09-02-2018

Fecha Fin: 09-03-2018

Más Información: Ph.D project description: The development of efficient thermal energy storage (TES) systems has become an interesting way to upgrade the concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies since the incorporation of such systems is crucial to circumvent the problems associated with the intermittence of the solar irradiation. The main challenges for the next generation of CSP plants are the identifying of storage systems with clear potential improvement concerning the energy storage density and operating temperatures. However, thermochemical energy storage (TcES) technology, including reduction/oxidation, hydration/dehydration and carbonation/decarbonization reversible reactions, has attract growing attention in the recent years thanks to its remarkable advantages concerning the energy density, heat loses and operating temperatures. The development of this technology is still at an early stage mainly due to the problems associated to the existing reactive materials such as: limited operating temperatures, slow kinetics, particles attrition, cyclability, etc. However, the goal of this thesis is the design and development of advanced mixed metal oxides with enhanced properties to overcome the limitations of existing materials. The candidate should be a good team player who can collaborate with other scientist. Good knowledge of English is required. All applicants are invited to submit a detailed curriculum vitae and a motivation letter through the webpage of CIC energiGUNE ( The selection process ends once a candidate is selected.

Lugar del evento: CIC energiGUNE (Vitoria)

Convocante: Servicio de Prácticas y Orientación Profesional