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Alcalingua will teach Spanish to Moroccan children in the Navegantes and Eureka programmes

Categoría: Institutional agenda

Descripción: Under the terms of an agreement signed between the University of Alcalá (UAH) and the Moroccan National Ministry of Education and Professional Training, a pilot project will be implemented at schools and cultural centres, in which Moroccan children at primary and secondary schools will be able to learn Spanish using the online Spanish teaching programs Eureka and Navegantes, developed entirely by Alcalingua, the International Spanish Teaching Centre of the UAH.
The Eureka and Navegantes programs are based on cross-disciplinary learning. In other words, they teach Spanish using other subjects such as the natural sciences, history, plastic arts and physical education by means of multimedia education material available on the Internet.
The National Ministry of Education and Professional Training will launch the pilot project in schools (collèges/lycées) oriented towards Spanish in Casablanca, Rabat and Tetouan and in cultural centres in Dakhla, Fes and Oujda.

Fecha Inicio: 30-09-2018

Fecha Fin: 31-12-2018

Universidad de Alcalá