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"Artificial intelligence on the cloud for automated invoice decoding" by Roberto Arroyo and Javier Yebes

Categoría: Conferencias

Descripción: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key topic in the innovation strategies of several companies and targeted applications. Nielsen Global Connect is proactively investing on AI to revolutionize its core technologies and drive progress for its customers also based on trusted data, solutions and insights. In this presentation, we will introduce a specific business case for the automated decoding of invoices. We will describe the research conducted at Nielsen to apply latest advances in Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing to implement a cloud service that receives a picture of an invoice and automatically extracts information of interest. This innovative system will be deployed worldwide and poses several challenges from image capturing to invoice processing mainly due to collection process, multiple languages and invoice format variability.

Fecha Inicio: 20-02-2020

Fecha Fin: 20-02-2020

Hora: 19:00

Lugar del evento: Sala 1 de Reuniones del Dpto. de Electrónica. Edificio Politécnico

Convocante: Departamento de Electrónica