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Fine Arts

Through teaching, research and criticism, the Classroom aims to encourage and promote relations between the University of Alcalá and other academic, cultural and scientific institutions both in Spain and abroad.



Theatre and dance studies in higher education give new meaning to the proactive project begun by Estrella Casero, involving the opening of a specific academic work space for interaction between creation and research in the context of postgraduate training.


Here you will find information about the displays and exhibitions held in the different venues at the University of Alcalá: the Museo Luis González Robles-UAH, the Sala San José de Caracciolos, the Claustro San José de Caracciolos, the Espacio Fotográfico Basilios, etc.

Festival of the Word

The Festival of the Word is an event for literary creativity and reading, which culminates in the presentation of the Cervantes Prize in the Paranymph of the University of Alcalá. It is a time for reflection and debate on the Spanish language and the dissemination of the work of the author who receives this award.


The University of Alcalá Theatre Group was established in 1989 and has extensive experience in both training professionals and in the field of theatrical research and the media. It has also been a forum for extensive publication of contemporary drama texts and articles of research and reflection.

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