Photonics Engineering

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Interuniversity Master between University Carlos III of Madrid, University of Alcalá and University Politécnica of Madrid.

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Information leaflet

Participating Universities

University of Alcalá

Organising Centre, Department or Institute

  • University Carlos III of Madrid
    Electronics Technology Department
  • University of Alcalá
    Electronics Department
  • University Politécnica of Madrid
    Photonics Technology and Bioengineering Department

Teaching centre(s)

Politechnic School (EPS) UC3M
Politechnic School for Telecommunications Engineering (ETSIT) UPM
Politechnic School (EPS) UAH

Year Course Started

Academic course 2017-18 (RD 1393/2007)



Official Duration

One academic year full-time.

Minimum number of ECTS by type of registration and course

60 ECTS full-time and 30 ECTS part-time

Type of teaching

Classroom-based learning



Professional qualification

This is not a degree title qualifying with ministerial approval for the exercise of regulated professional activities.




Dª Carmen Vázquez García (UC3M)


Academic coordination:
D. Fernando Naranjo Vega

Academic Committee

Prof.Dra. Carmen vázquez García (UC3M)
Deputy director
Prof. Ignacio Esquivias Moscardó (UPM)

Prof. Fernando Naranjo Vega (UAH)
Prof. José Manuel Sánchez Pena (UC3M)
Student (Delegado de titulación elegido en últimas elecciones)
PAS (Gestor Admvo. del Máster)


Academic issues:

D. Fernando Naranjo Vega


Administrative issues:

Goals and competencies

The goals of this Master's degree are in line with the stipulates of the Spanish Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (MECES) and ensure the achievement of the basic competencies required to obtain a master's degree, following article 3.3, Appendix I of R.D. 1393/2007.

Fulfilment of the goals means students have achieved competencies that must be consistent with the fundamental rights of equality between men and women, with the principles of equal opportunities and of universal accessibility for the disabled, and with the values proper to a democratic and peace-loving culture.

Registration information

Pre-registration and matriculation through Univeristy Carlos III of Madrid

Consult in:

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Number of places for new students

Total places available: 20

A minimum of 20 students are required to teach the Master's programme.

Reserved places: 5% for students with a certified disability of 33% or more.

Specific admission conditions

Admission profile
Tendrán acceso aquellos solicitantes que hayan adquirido el conjunto de competencias especificadas en alguno de los siguientes títulos de Grado: Grado en Ingeniería en Tecnologías de Telecomunicación, Grado en Ingeniería Electrónica Industrial y Automática, Grado en Ingeniería Electrónica de Comunicaciones, Grado en Ciencias Físicas, Grado en Ingeniería de Sistemas Audiovisuales, Grado en Ingeniería de Sistemas de Comunicaciones, Grado en Ingeniería Telemática, Grado en Ingeniería de Materiales. Por otro lado, títulos de ingeniería: Ingeniero Industrial con intensificación en electrónica industrial e Ingeniero de Telecomunicación y Licenciados en Ciencias Físicas. Además, las titulaciones de ingeniería técnica industrial en Electrónica Industrial y de telecomunicación en Sistemas Electrónicos, así como titulaciones en Ingeniería Electrónica. Finalmente, aquellos grados afines con una formación suficiente en el ámbito de la fotónica y electrónica tanto en el ámbito nacional como internacional a criterio del Comité de Dirección del Máster. Los solicitantes con titulaciones cuyas competencias sean diferentes a las anteriores serán evaluados por el Comité del Máster basándose en las materias cursadas y las evidencias de capacidades y aprovechamiento.
Todos los alumnos deben demostrar un nivel de inglés equivalente al nivel B2 del marco europeo de referencia de las lenguas.

Criterios de Selección

* Titulación previa 25%
* Expediente académico 65%
* Experiencia profesional 5%
* Cartas de recomendación 2%
* Conocimiento de inglés superior al requerido 3%


This information must be read in order to matriculate properly

Subjects, academic staff, competences, teaching guides and final project regulations

For Master's Dissertations to be defended from the academic year 2019-20 onwards, it has been established that, along with the Master's Dissertation, the student must submit to the director the summarized report (% of coincidence) given through Turnitin application, once the director has opened the application to obtain the aforementioned report (Approved by the Official Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Committee, on its regular session dated 24th September 2019).


Collaboration agreements and programmes




Consultar en el siguiente enlace: calendario y horario


Classes will be held in the evenings.



Material resources

Installations, services and plans
(Computer rooms, bibliographic resources, libraries, study rooms...)

External Practicums

Audit report

Spanish Registry of Universities, Centres and Qualifications registration

Course implementation

Quality guarantee system

Quality committee

Prof.Dra. Carmen vázquez García (UC3M)
Deputy Director
Prof. Ignacio Esquivias Moscardó (UPM)

Prof. Fernando Naranjo Vega (UAH)
Prof. José Manuel Sánchez Pena (UC3M)
Student (Students' Representative chosen in the last elections)
PAS (Máster's administrative staff)

Complaints and Suggestions