Intercultural Communication and Public Service Interpreting and Translation

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Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication and Public Service Interpreting and Translation (M195)
  • Specialisation in Arabic-Spanish (M195)
  • Specialisation in Chinese-Spanish (M196)
  • Specialisation in French-Spanish (M197)
  • Specialisation in English-Spanish (M198)
  • Specialisation in Russian-Spanish (M199)

Possibility of Double Degree with l`Université de Pau et des Pays de l`Adour (Francia).

Master's Website

Participating Universities

University of Alcalá

Organising Centre, Department or Institute

Department of Modern Pholology.

Teaching centre(s)

Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
- Colegio San José de Caracciolos.
- Colegio de Málaga.
- Colegio de los Trinitarios.

Year Course Started

2006-2007 (RD 56/2005)

2009-2010 (RD 1393/2007)

2021-22 (RD 1393/2007) Modified version



Official Duration

One academic year, full-time

Two academic years, part-time

Minimum number of ECTS by type of registration and course

60 ECTS for full-time students and 30 ECTS for part-time students

Type of teaching

Blended learning: face-to-face and online learning


Spanish and the language of the chosen specialisation

Level of qualification

Level 3 leading to the title of Master's Degree. Level 3 (Master's) of the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (MECES) corresponds to level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Decree 22/2015, of 23rd January (BOE 07/02/2015).

Professional qualification

This is not a degree title qualifying with ministerial approval for the exercise of regulated professional activities.




Dra. M. Carmen Pena Díaz


Academic Coordination

Bianca Vitalaru (Árabe) 

Bianca Vitalaru (Chino)

Alfredo Álvarez Álvarez (Francés)

Carmen Pena Díaz y Carmen Valero Garcés (Inglés)

Mª Jesús Fernández Gil  (Ruso)


Quality Coordination

Bianca Vitalaru

See the composition of the Quality Committee in the Quality Guarantee section.


Internships Coordination

Bianca Vitalaru 

Academic Committee

Dra. Carmen Pena Díaz (Director) 

Dra. Bianca Vitalaru (PDI Representative)

Dra. Carmen Valero Garcés (PDI Representative)

Dra. Mª Jesús Fernández Gil (PDI Representative)

Dr. Alfredo Álvarez Álvarez (PDI Representative)

Minutes of the academic Committee


Academic issues:

Direction of the Translation and Interpreting Programme

Secretary of the Translation and Interpreting Programme:

Tlf. 91 885 53 09 (Monday to Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

Administrative issues:

Goals and competencies

The goals of this Master's degree are in line with the stipulates of the Spanish Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (MECES) and ensure the achievement of the basic competencies required to obtain a master's degree, following article 3.3, Appendix I of R.D. 1393/2007.

Fulfilment of the goals means students have achieved competencies that must be consistent with the fundamental rights of equality between men and women, with the principles of equal opportunities and universal accessibility for the disabled, and with the values proper to a democratic and peace-loving culture.

Micro-Master`s Degrees

This Master's offers any student the possibility to study a selection of subjects compounding a Micro-Master's Degree, which will enable the student, if requested at the end of the course, to obtain an Own Studies Degree title from the University of Alcalá.

After finishing the subjects the student could apply, paying the corresponding fees, for a Certificate of the Micro-Master's Degree. Besides, if the student wants to complete the Master's in the future, the subjects finished in the Micro-Master's Degree will automatically be incorporated into the student's academic record at no cost.

Pre-registration and matriculation for these Micro-Master's Degrees will follow the usual procedure of pre-registration and matriculation.

The Micro-Master's Degrees included in the Master's are:

Number of places for new students

Total number of places available:
  • Specialisation in Arabic-Spanish: 20 places
  • Specialisation in Chinese-Spanish: 30 places
  • Specialsation in French-Spanish: 20 places
  • Specialisation in English-Spanish: 30 places per group (2 groupes)
  • Specialisation in Russian-Spanish: 20 places

Minimum number of places for an specialisation to be taught: 5

Reserved places: 5% for students with a certified disability of 33% or more.




Fees: 1st matriculation: nationals and residents: 2.736 € ; non-EU non-residents: 5.079 (approximate information).


_The different modules of the Master's degree integrate face-to-face teaching with online or distance learning, according to the following calendar:

  • Module 1 on Interlinguistic and Intercultural Communication (3 subjects): 2-31 October.
  • Module 2 on Health T&I (2 face-to-face subjects*): 2 november to 21 of December
  • Module 3 on legal-administrative T&I (2 face-to-face subjects*): 8 January to 7  March.
  • Module 4. Internships: March-end of May/September (modality: depending on the institution). Internships timetable: to be agreed upon with the institution's internship tutor assigned by the University. More information: specific document on the students' virtual platform.
  • Module 5. Master's Dissertation: (Under the supervision of the professor in charge) Submission: first week of June/ first week of September; Oral Defence: end of June or early July/September.

¿More information: specific document on the students' virtual platform.

Consult this website


Face-to-face classes (2nd November - 7rd March): Monday to Thursday from 16:00 to 20:00. Occasionally, joint sessions will be organised in the morning or on Fridays.

Consult this website


Faculty of Philosophy and Arts

  • Colegio de Málaga
    C/ Colegios 2
    28801. Alcalá de Henares
  • Edificio San José de Caracciolos
    C/ Trinidad 3-5
    28801. Alcalá de Henares.
  • Colegio de los Trinitarios
    C/ Trinidad 1
    28801. Alcalá de Henares.
  • Aulario María de Guzmán.
    C/ San Cirilo s/n
    28801. Alcalá de Henares

Material resources

Installations, services and plans

(Computer rooms, bibliographic resources, libraries, study rooms...):

Material resources available to course participants

External Practicums

Documentos de los procesos de calidad

Quality committee

  • Dra. Carmen Pena Díaz (Master Director and PDI)
  • Dra. Bianca Vitalaru (Quality Coordinator and PDI)
  • Dra. Mª Mar Sánchez Ramos (PDI Representative)
  • Isabel San Vicente (PAS Responsible)
  • Laura Monguilod Navarro  (Students Representative) 

Minutes of the Quality Commission

Complaints and Suggestions