Hydrology and Water Resource Management

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Master's Degree in Hydrology and Water Resource Management (M174)

Master's organised jointly by the Universities of: Alcalá and Rey Juan Carlos 


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Information leaflet

Participating Universities

Alcalá University -COORDINATOR-
Rey Juan Carlos University

Organising Centre, Department or Institute

  • Alcalá University : Economics and Bussines Management 
  • Rey Juan Carlos University: Nature Sciences and Applied Physics Department  and  Statistics and Operations Research Departament

Teaching centre(s)

In the academic year 2019-20, the face-to-face phase will take place in Santiago de Chile.

In the academic year 2020-21, the face-to-face phase will take place in the University of Alcalá, in Madrid (Spain).

Year Course Started

2014-2015 (RD 1393/2007)



Official Duration

One academic year, full-time

Minimum number of ECTS by type of registration and course

60 ECTS for full-time students, 30 ECTS for part-time students

Type of teaching

On-line for 9 months through an online training platform and two face-to-face weeks



Professional qualification

This is not a degree title qualifying with ministerial approval for the exercise of regulated professional activities.


Professional and research


Alberto del Villar García
Vice principal:
Francisco Carreño Conde


Alberto del Villar García
Javier Lillo Ramos (URJC)

Academic Committee

José Aguado Alonso (URJC)
Irene de Bustamante Gutiérrez (UAH)
Eloy García Calvo (UAH)
José Antonio Iglesias Martín (Canal Isabel II Gestión)
José Aguado Alonso (URJC)
Francisco Carreño Conde (URJC)
Irene de Bustamante Gutiérrez(UAH)
José Antonio Iglesias Martín (Canal Isabel II)
Javier Lillo Ramos (URJC)
Alberto del Villar García (UAH)
Domingo Zarzo Martínez (SADYT)
Gloria Rubio (iMdea Agua)
Mercedes Echegaray Giménez (Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo)


Academic Issues:

Alberto del Villar García

Administrative issues:


Goals and competences

The goals of this Master's degree are in line with the stipulates of the Spanish Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (MECES) and ensure the achievement of the basic competences required to obtain a master's degree, in accordance with article 3.3, Appendix I of R.D. 1393/2007.

Fulfilment of the goals means students have achieved competences which must be consistent with the fundamental rights of equality between men and women, with the principles of equal opportunities and of universal accessibility for the disabled, and with the values proper to a democratic and peace-loving culture.

Number of places for new students

Número total de plazas ofertadas: 90

A minimum of 20 students are required to teach the Master programme.

Reserved places: 5% for students with a certified disability of 33% or more.

Specific admission conditions

Perfil de ingreso

Titulados Superiores o Medios en cualquier rama de las Ciencias Exactas, Físicas o Naturales, Ingenieros y Arquitectos, que quieran adquirir una especialización profesional en gestión de recursos hídricos o que quieran realizar una Tesis Doctoral.

Criterios de selección

Para realizar la selección se tendrán en cuenta:

  • El expediente académico 50%
  • La formación y experiencia previa del estudiante (currículum) 40%
  • Conocimientos de inglés 10%

- Cuando se considere necesario se realizará una entrevista personal.

- Si la solicitud de admisión se realiza en un tiempo inferior a un año desde la fecha de finalización de su primera titulación, sólo se valorará el expediente académico y los conocimientos de inglés.


(para realizar la matrícula de manera correcta es totalmente necesario consultar esta información)

Subjects, academic staff, competences, teaching guides and final project regulations

For Master's Dissertations to be defended from academic year 2019-20 onwards, it has been established that, along with the Master's Dissertation, the student must submit to the director the summarized report (% of coincidence) given through Turnitin application, once the director has opened the application to obtain the aforementioned report (Approved by the Official Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Committee, on its regular session dated 24th September 2019)


Collaboration agreements and programmes




Academic Year 2019-20
From October 2019 to the end of July 2020

For more information, see this webpage


Metodología semipresencial mediante el uso de la plataforma de teleformación de referencia a nivel internacional (Moodle), a la que los alumnos acceden conectándose a Internet en el horario que deseen, ya que metodológicamente se organizan las actividades en cada semana.

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In the academic year 2020-21, the face-to-face phase, the exams and the Master's Dissertations defense will take place in the University of Alcalá, in Madrid (Spain).

Material resources

Installations, services and plans
(Computer rooms, bibliographic resources, libraries, study rooms...):

Material resources available to course participants

External Practicums

Spanish Registry of Universities, Centres and Qualifications registration

Course implementation

Quality guarantee system

Quality committee

Javier Lillo Ramos (URJC)
José María Valle Marcos (UAH)
PDI: Alberto del Villar
PAS: Antonia Casado
Student: A Student will be designated for each academic year

Complaints and Suggestions

Master`s Awards

Work placements of graduates

Recently implemented Master Degree