Degree in Physiotherapy

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The Degree in Physiotherapy aims to prepare future professionals based on a general approach in order to enable them to identify, describe, treat and compare health problems, providing physiotherapy responses. They should be able to use the appropriate methods, procedures, models, techniques and actions, which by applying physical resources, heal, prevent, rehabilitate and adapt people affected by deterioration, functional limitations, disability or changes in their physical function and state of health, as a result of injuries, illness or any other causes. These resources should be used in the promotion of health, prevention, protection and recovery, while considering individuals in biological, psychological and social terms. 


Future physiotherapists should be able to make decisions; solve problems; plan and organise; engage in critical analysis; communicate orally and in writing, even using a foreign language. They should have the ability for synthesis, information management, teamwork and skills in interpersonal relations and communication.

They should be motivated and committed to their profession based on ethics, respect for diversity, the promotion of human rights and equality of opportunities, adaptation to multi-cultural contexts with autonomy for continuous learning.

These graduates should understand the physiological and functional changes arising from surgery; understand the specific methods for physiotherapy in common medical and surgical pathologies; recognise signs and symptoms affecting the musculoskeletal system; maintain an attitude of interest in health improvement, contributing to personal and professional development. They should be capable of producing scientific reports using the specific language of the health sciences, contributing to the advance of research in their field of work.

Structure and credits

Basic Training (B) 66,0
Obligatory (Ob) 90,0
Optional (Opt) 30,0
External Practicums (Ob) 42,0
Final Project (Ob) 12,0

Student profile

Students of Physiotherapy should have manual skills; the capacity for interpersonal relations, attention and tolerance; sensitivity and discretion; vocation, personal balance and a sense of psychology and responsibility. They also have skills in communication and analysis and an interest in problem solving, innovation, research and self-learning.

Professional opportunities and officially regulated professions

Graduates in Physiotherapy are qualified to work professionally in various fields: hospitals, private health centres, public and private specialist centres, health units in companies, sports centres, homes, homes for the elderly, schools and care centres for disabled people, primary and early care centres, etc.

First academic year taught

Course 2009/10 FIRST YEAR

Information leaflet

More information

  • Teaching centre: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Official State Bulletin publication date: 23/03/2010
  • Places available: 65
  • Type of teaching: CLASSROOM
  • Language of instruction: SPANISH
  • First academic year taught: 2009-10

Study plan /of adaptation to the degree / Recognition of credits

External practicums

Final Project

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