Double Degree in Humanities and Primary Education

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This double degree aims to provide students with broad-based humanistic and pedagogic training, by means of an in-depth study of humanistic thought, as well as disciplines related to psychology and didactics. Future teachers reinforce their knowledge, enhancing their theoretical and methodological abilities, and future secondary and high school teachers are given valuable education resources and the experience involved in 38 practicum credits. The course also qualifies them to work in related fields, such as management and various roles in cultural industries. 

This double degree provides a response to social and educational demands, qualifying students for access to the teaching profession in public institutions, and expanding their opportunities abroad, enabling them to obtain a scholarship or an exchange post in other country. 



Students on the Double Degree course in Humanities and Primary Education should acquire all the general abilities and competences necessary for graduates in Humanities and Teaching.

They should promote human rights, equality of opportunities, universal accessibility and non-discrimination, with values for a culture of peace.

Graduates should master new technological resources and teaching tools, developing their communicative competences in various study areas. They should be able to integrate the knowledge and competences acquired in order to apply them in their classrooms, and to the preparation and defence of an original project, reflecting on humanistic, social-educational, scientific and ethical issues.

They should also acquire the necessary learning skills to autonomously broaden their studies.

Structure and credits

Basic training (B): 96 credits.

Obligatory (OB): 206 credits.

Total credits: 302 credits.

Student profile

The suitable profile for candidates for admission to this degree is individuals with a vocation for teaching and interest in culture and humanistic thought.

Professional opportunities and officially regulated professions

With this degree, students can obtain the qualification of Primary Education Teacher and a Degree in Humanities in five years, broadening their potential areas of employment in Spain and abroad.

Graduates are versatile and competitive professionals, with a solid intellectual, cultural and pedagogic training, and highly skilled and competitive in the labour market for: public and private primary schools; public and private secondary and high schools in the areas of Language and Literature, Geography and History, Art History and Philosophy; teaching Spanish as a foreign language; working in areas related to management and the cultural industries, where they could perform various roles.

First academic year taught

Course 2014/15 FIRST YEAR

Course 2015/16: SECOND YEAR

Course 2016/17: THIRD YEAR

Course 2017/18: FOURTH YEAR

Course 2018/19: FIFTH YEAR

Information leaflet

More information

  • Teaching centre: Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Number of places available: 30
  • Type of teaching: CLASSROOM
  • Language of instruction: SPANISH
  • First Academic year taught: 2014-15

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External practicums

Final Project

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