Degree in Infant Education

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This course aims to train professionals educating children between their arrival at a private or public school until they begin primary education (6 years old). These teachers must therefore acquire advanced and specific knowledge of baby and infant psychology, with a special mindset and an ability to adapt.

Nursery or infant schools are the most appropriate environments for their professional development. Although their general training qualifies them for teaching at higher levels, it focuses on fostering children's physical and psychological development, sentence construction and the ability to interrelate their surroundings.


Students should be able to promote respect for human rights and the principles of universal accessibility and design for all, equality of opportunities, non-discrimination, and a culture for peace and democratic values. They should be capable of integrating knowledge from various fields of study, formulating judgements and conveying reflections about social-educational, scientific and ethical issues. They must also acquire the necessary learning skills to autonomously broaden their studies.

Specific competences include awareness of the objectives, contents and evaluation criteria in nursery education; design and regulation of learning areas in contexts of diversity to properly address children's individual needs; mastering the fundamentals of early attention, and the development of the psychological and learning processes involved in the construction of the personality during early childhood; awareness of the fundamentals of infant dietetics and hygiene; acting as a guide for parents as regards family education during the period between 0 and 6 years old, and mastering social relations with each student's entire family; cooperating with other members of the educational community and other professionals involved in the education process, promoting cooperation among students; improving and innovating during teaching practice in classrooms.

Structure and credits

Basic Training (B) 100,0
Obligatory (Ob) 60,0
Optional (Opt) 30,0
External practicums (Ob) 38,0
Bachelor's Degree Final Project (Ob) 12,0

Student profile

Future teachers should be interested in education, with patience, flexibility and tolerance, and an ability to understand children. They should have analysis, attention, perception, expression and persuasion skills, good memory and creativity.

Professional opportunities and officially regulated professions

The Degree in Nursery Education is highly professional; graduates are qualified for officially approved teaching professions. The course is focused on teaching in public or private infant and primary schools, as well as educational units in hospitals, prisons and non-governmental organisations.

Graduates are also qualified to work with children in related areas, such as cultural activities at various levels.

First academic year taught

Curso 2010/11 PRIMERO

Information leaflet

More information

  • Teaching centre: Faculty of Education
  • Official State Bulletin publication date: 08/06/2011
  • Places available: 150
  • Type of teaching:  CLASSROOM
  • Language of instruction:  SPANISH
                                                 ENGLISH (en las asignaturas de lengua extranjera)
                                                 FRENCH (en las asignaturas de lengua extranjera)
  • First academic year taught: 2010-11

External practicums

Final Project

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