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The University of Alcalá offers courses leading to official university degrees valid all over Spain and where applicable, throughout the territory of the European Union.

In its official studies, the University of Alcalá promotes training that is balanced in theoretical and practical aspects, promoting freedom of opinion, based on a command of content to grasp the scientific, technical or artistic methods needed to achieve the social return on the public resources invested in the training process in productive activity of future graduates.

These studies include Undergraduate Degrees, Master's Degrees and Doctorates courses.


Official Studies


The main objective of this course is to train professionals capable of management and advisory roles in private companies and public institutions. Their training enables them to manage and interpret accounting and finance systems, in all types of institutions related to market operations and account auditing; anticipate market opportunities, assign resources, manage information, recruit and train workers and make decisions to achieve objectives in the firm in which they work.


They should have a responsible and rigorous attitude, autonomy to improve and enhance their knowledge and skills and professional development; commitment to solving problems in their field of work, organising and coordinating with the other levels of the organisation; adaptation to changing contexts, and the ability to work within a team, based on a social and ethical commitment.

Graduates will have acquired technical, social and economic knowledge and skills, as well as the suitable tools and methods to carry out the professional tasks mentioned above. A good level of English applied to finance and business is also necessary to prepare and present reports in their specialist field.

Structure and credits

Basic Training (B) 60
Obligatory (Ob) 96
Optional (Opt) 42
Cross-curricular (C) 12
External practicums (Ob) 18
Final Project (Ob) 12



Student profile

Students on this degree course should be interested in economics and issues related to the workings of companies and management. They should have a gift for studying accounts, finance calculus, social and legal issues, and the ability to understand and analyse those issues.

Professional opportunities and officially regulated professions

Graduates from this course will have received wide-ranging training, and as such will be able to perform a wide range of managerial and technical activities, either in private companies or as civil servants. These include: teaching and research; admission to the civil service; auditing; business consultancy; business start-ups; management of insurance and finance departments or accounting and administration departments; financial analysis.

First academic year taught

Curso 2021/22 PRIMERO y SEGUNDO

Information leaflet

More information

  • Teaching centre: Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism
  • Official State Bulletin publication date:  07/06/2011
  • Places available:  75
  • Type of teaching:  CLASSROOM
  • Language of instruction:  SPANISH
  • First academic year taught:  2010-11

External practicums

Final Project

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