Degree in Economics and International Business

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This course aims to train professionals to work in the world of business, and in particular in departments or units related to economic relations and international business. They will also be able to engage in technical and managerial tasks in Spanish international public institutions related to international trade.

Their competences will enable them to identify and anticipate Spanish and international market opportunities, assign resources in a global context, manage information, and contribute to decision making in order to achieve the objectives of the institution where they work.


They should be able to solve problems related to the workings of the international economy; analyse multiple international data sources and reports from the public and private sphere; be aware of the appropriate organising and planning techniques in international activities and their ongoing updates; make and adopt decisions; work in interdisciplinary teams with persons from different countries, based on an ethical and social commitment.

Graduates from this course will have acquired robust training in economics and international business management, together with the ability to manage the appropriate tools, methods and techniques in their specialist field. They should be capable of improving their knowledge and abilities, as well as personal and professional development, using logical thought and creativity in their professional sphere.

Structure and credits

Basic Training (B) 60
Obligatory (Ob) 108
Optional (Opt) 42
External Practicums (Ob) 18
Final Project (Ob) 12

Student profile

Students on this degree course should be interested in the workings of the economy, foreign trade, and the activities of public and private institutions in an international context. They should have a gift for interpreting numerical data, analysis and synthesis, understanding and abstraction, and a broad-based view of the world and its social and political interactions.

Professional opportunities and officially regulated professions

Graduates from this course will have received wide-ranging training, and as such will be able to perform a wide range of technical and managerial activities in private companies, and especially in international institutions, study and research centres, and at various professional levels related to the international sector of various government bodies.

These activities include: business start-ups; teaching; civil service in Spanish and international organisations; consultancy in public and private companies; economic analysis (foreign trade, stock market, international finance, etc.); economic development and situation analysis programmes.

First academic year taught

Academic Staff

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More information

  • Teaching centre: Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism
  • Official State Bulletin publication date:  07/06/2011
  • Places available: 100
  • Type of teaching: CLASSROOM
  • Language of instruction: SPANISH
  • • First academic year taught: 2010-11


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Final Project

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