Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and Students

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Office of the Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and Students

Dr. D. Jorge Pérez Serrano

Dr. D. Jorge Pérez SerranoCatedrático de Parasitología

Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and Students

Jorge Pérez Serrano graduated in Biology in 1990 and took his doctorate in Biological Sciences in 1994, for which he was awarded the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize in 1995. He became Tenured Professor in (2001) and Full Professor in 2017 in the Parasitology Area of the UAH’s Department of Biomedicine and Biotechnology. He has also held two academic management posts in the UAH: Coordinator of the Teaching Activity Complement (2003-2006) and Director of the Medical Biology Research Support Centre (2006-2018). Since its foundation in 2011, he has sat on the UAH’s Animal Research and Experimentation Ethics Committee and been Vice-Chair of the UAH’s Dedicated Commission for the Assessment of Projects Involving Animals.

He has achieved 7 three-year assessments and 4 five-year teaching assessments. He has taught in the Science and Pharmacy Faculties and tutored more than 30 students on different programs. He has taught and directed various complementary training and specialization courses for postgraduates run by both public and private bodies.

His research has focused on the study of parasite biology and experimental anti-parasite chemotherapy and has borne fruit in over 50 international publications and 82 papers delivered at different national and international conferences. He has delivered 3 guest lectures, written 4 international book chapters and won 5 research prizes. As well as being member of the ECOMYP research group, he coordinates the AWSHEL-IAS research group, which participates in 20 research projects (2 of them European), and has signed over 50 research contracts with public and private companies. He holds two national patents and one PCT. He has achieved 3 consecutive six-year research assessments from the Ministry of Education’s National Research Council. 


La planificación, ordenación académica general y gestión de la oferta docente de las titulaciones de Grado.

La creación ordenación y coordinación de Facultades, Escuelas y Centros docentes de la Universidad de Alcalá.

La organización del acceso de los estudiantes a la Universidad.

Las Secretarías de Estudiantes, matriculación, actas, convalidación de estudiosy becas.

La aplicación de las normas de permanencia.

La gestión de las Prácticas Externas y la Orientación Psicopedagógica.

Las relaciones con los estudiantes y la representación ordinaria ante los órganos y organizaciones estudiantiles.

El apoyo y la orientación al estudiante.

La adscripción de centros externos y la ordenación y coordinación de los mismos.

La ejecución de los acuerdos de la Comisión de Docencia

La suscripción, en nombre de la Universidad de Alcalá, de convenios, declaraciones de intereses o pactos en materias de su competencia.




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