Vice President for Teaching and Research Staff

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Office of the Vice President for Teaching and Research Staff

Dr. D. Sebastián Sánchez Prieto

Dr. D. Sebastián Sánchez PrietoCatedrático de Arquitectura y Tecnología de Computadores

Vice President for Teaching and Research Staff

Sebastián Sánchez Prieto (Barreras, Salamanca 1968) qualified as a Technical Telecommunications Engineer at the Labour University (1990), graduated in Telecommunications Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (1994) and obtained his doctorate in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Alcalá in 1998.   He was Head of the Department of Automation from 2004 to 2010 and has led or coordinated doctoral and master’s programs and other courses in his area of expertise. Since 2013 he has run the Doctoral Program in Space Research and Astrobiology. He has achieved five teaching and four research assessments (1990-2017 and 1993-2017, respectively).

Since 1990 he has held various teaching posts –University School Assistant Lecturer, University School Interim Professor, University School Tenured Professor, University Tenured Professor and Full Professor—in the area of Computer Architecture and Technology. His teaching mainly focuses on the subjects of operating systems, computer architecture and real time systems.  He has published various books on operating systems in general and UNIX/Linux in particular.

He has carried on his research work in the Space Research Group, where his interests have to do with the design of scientific instrumentation for loading on satellites, real time systems and mobile robotics. He has taken an active role in numerous national and international research projects, with landmarks including the design of the DEPAC instrument for the SOHO satellite, participation in the PESCA project for the PHOTON satellite, collaboration in the development of flight software for the NANOSAT-01 and NANOSAT-1b satellites, the development of the on-board computer and the control system for the Microsat satellite, participation in the EPD instrument for the Solar Orbiter mission (as Principal researcher of the instrument’s control group), and participation in the design of the NISP instrument’s Control Unit for the Euclid mission. In 2017, he participated for two months in the 30th Antarctic Campaign at the two Spanish bases and at Byers Peninsula.


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Outcomes of his research activity include over 40 journal publications, 4 patents, 1 industrial property register and more than 100 papers at conferences. He has also taken part in many projects in collaboration with industry, above all in the field of aerospace companies

He is founding partner of the UAH start-up Soticol Robotics Systems, auditor of the National Accreditation Agency, and, since September 2017, Co-Director of the Escribano Chair in Mechanics and Engineering.  


Las  competencias  en  materia  de   personal  docente  e  investigador universitario, excepto las legalmente indelegables.

La  ejecución  de  los  acuerdos  de  la  Comisión  de  Personal  Docente  e Investigador.

La gestión de los programas de movilidad del Personal Docente e Investigador.

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La creación, ordenación y coordinación de Departamentos Universitarios, así como la relación con los mismos.

La suscripción, en nombre de la Universidad de Alcalá, de convenios, declaraciones de intereses o pactos en materias de su competencia con carácter general.

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