Vice President for Strategy and Planning

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Office of the Vice President for Strategy and Planning

Dr. D. Juan Ramón Velasco Pérez

Dr. D. Juan Ramón Velasco PérezCatedrático de Ingeniería Telemática

Vice President for Strategy and Planning

Juan Ramón Velasco Pérez (Ciudad Real, 1963) graduated in Telecommunications Engineering at Madrid’s Technical University (1987), where he also obtained his doctorate in the same subject (1991) and, after several years as a research trainee and interim lecturer, was appointed Tenured Professor in Telematic Engineering. There he took part in the creation and start-up of DAEDALUS – Data, Decisions and Language, S.A., a spin-off of that university’s Intelligent Systems Research Group.  Between 1998 and 2002 he helped manage DAEDALUS and ran its Data Mining section.  

In 2002 he moved to the Universidad of Alcalá’s Department of Automations, becoming Full Professor in 2008. Between 2003 and 2005 he was the FEDER Fund Manager for scientific infrastructures in the communications section of the Ministry of Science and Technology. From 2004 to 2008, he was the Advanced Technical School’s Deputy Director of Research and Corporate Relations, and later, until March 2010, the UAH’s Deputy Inspector of Services. In 2007 and 2008 he coordinated the Electronic Technology and Communications section of the Ministry of Science and Innovation’s FPU Grant Assessment Committee.  From 2010-2018 he was Vice-President of Postgraduate and Lifelong Education.

He sat on the managing board of the Spanish Artificial Intelligence Association (AEPIA) from 1997 to 2001, was member of the managing board of the Telematics Association until 2015 and has sat on the managing board of the Spanish Association of Telecommunications Engineers in the Castile-La Mancha District from its foundation until today. Since 2016, he chairs the University Postgraduate and Lifelong Education Network (RUEPEP).

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He is coordinator of the Telematic Services Engineering Research Group, composed of 16 members of the Departments of Automation and of Physics and Mathematics. In the course of his academic career he has taken part in over 30 research projects (20 as Principal Researcher), both publicly and privately funded, and has published more than 100 pieces of research. His line of research focuses on tailoring services to the public by means of telematic systems, above all, the use of the Internet of Things to enhance the autonomy of the disabled. In 2001 he was runner-up in the “New Applications for Internet” Competition organized by the Technical University of Madrid’s Telefónica Chair of New Generation Internet, and in 2009 he won the Mobile Communication Research Prize awarded by the Vodafone Spain Foundation.


La elaboración y propuesta de nuevas estrategias en estudios de Grado, Másteres Universitarios y enseñanzas no regladas.

La elaboración y propuesta de nuevas estrategias en los programas de doctorado, programas de investigación y en la captación y retención de talento investigador.

La planificación, implementación y coordinación de metodologías de enseñanza on-line.

La planificación y gestión de los medios informáticos y los equipamientos tecnológicos de la Universidad.

La planificación y coordinación de Programas de Innovación Docente y Apoyo a la Docencia presencial y virtual.

La creación, ordenación y coordinación de Centros de Apoyo a la Docencia.

Las competencias que corresponden al Rector como Presidente de la Mesa de Contratación.

La suscripción, en nombre de la Universidad de Alcalá, de convenios, declaraciones de intereses o pactos en materias de su competencia.


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