Vice President for Postgraduate Studies

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Office of the Vice President for Postgraduate Studies

Dra. Dña. Margarita Vallejo Girvés

Dra. Dña. Margarita Vallejo GirvésCatedrático de Universidad de Historia Antigua

Vice President for Postgraduate Studies

Margarita Vallejo Girvés (Puigcerdá, Gerona, 1964) obtained her doctorate in History from the University of Alcalá in 1992, for which she won the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize in 1993. An FPU grant-holder between 1989 and 1992, she was Associate Professor of Ancient History during academic year 1993-1994, Tenured Professor of Ancient History in the Department of History and Philosophy from 1995-2016 and is now Full Professor of Ancient History. She has achieved four research and four teaching assessments. 

She coordinates the UAH’s research group “Banishment and Exile in the Ancient Mediterranean”, the subject which centers her research. She also has interests in the Eastern Roman Empire of Late Antiquity and archaeological historiography.

She has been principal researcher on four competitive research projects funded nationally or regionally, and has taken part or collaborated in over 20, including the Research Project “Clerical Exile in Late Antiquity”, funded by the United Kingdom’s AHRC. She has supervised five doctoral theses and carried out research stays at the Centre d’Histoire et Civilisation de Byzance (París), the Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum (Roma-Vaticano) and the Kommission für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik (Munich). She has been Erasmus lecturer at the University of Bologna.

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She has also been involved in university management, serving as Secretary and Head of the Department of History and Philosophy (1996-2002) and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (2002-2008). She was Coordinator of the Vice-Presidency of Teaching and Students’ Personalized Tutorials and Bridge Courses (2008-2012). She coordinates the UAH’s official master’s program “Archaeology and heritage management in the interior of the peninsula”.

She has been expert assessor of the ACAP (2006-2012) and of the National Accreditation Agency’s ACREDITA program, as well as forming part of diverse ANEP and ministerial evaluation committees since 2012. She has also been evaluator for Chile’s FONDECYT and CONICYT and for Argentina’s FONCYT.

In 2014 the UAH Social Council awarded her the “University-Society Knowledge Transfer” Prize for co-directing the “Greco-Roman Springs” conference cycle, which ran from 2009 to 2015.


La planificación, ordenación académica general y gestión de La oferta docente de Los Másteres Universitarios.

El impulso, gestión y tramitación de los planes de estudio de Enseñanzas no Regladas, de Educación Permanente y de Posgrado propio.

La planificación, ordenación y gestión de la Escuela de Posgrado.

La ejecución de los acuerdos de la Comisión de Estudios de Posgrado.

La gestión ordinaria de la oferta docente y seguimiento de la actividad docente de Posgrado, acceso a Estudios Propios, matriculación de alumnos y actas, convalidaciones y adaptaciones de estudios, becas, solicitudes de títulos y devolución de precios públicos, convocatorias extraordinarias, reclamaciones de exámenes y permanencia de Estudios Propios y Programas de Formación Continua.

La ejecución de Los acuerdos de la Comisión de Estudios Propios.

La suscripción, en nombre de la Universidad de Alcalá, de convenios, declaraciones de intereses o pactos en materias de su competencia.


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