Vice President of Coordination and Communication

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Office of the Vice-President for Coordination and Communication

Dr. D. José Santiago Fernández Vázquez

Dr. D. José Santiago Fernández VázquezProfesor Titular de Filología Inglesa

Vice President of Coordination and Communication

Dr José Santiago Fernández Vázquez (Madrid, 1973) is a graduate (1995) and holds a Doctorate (2001) in English Philology. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Modern Philology, which he joined in 1996 as a Research and Teacher Training Fellow. Award for the Best Academic Transcript in the Degree Course in English Philology (class of 1991-1995), Special Degree Award (1998) and Special Doctorate Award (2000). In 2003 he won the Young Researcher Award from the University of Alcalá for the area of Human and Social Sciences.

He has directed and participated in several research projects related to literature in the English language, as well as teaching innovation projects to adapt teaching and learning methodology to the European Higher Education Area and for the use of Information and Communication Technologies in university education. He has undertaken training and research stays at University College Dublin, at the University of California and Cornell University. To do so, he has obtained various grants for training and research from Spanish and international agencies, such as the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Ireland, Cornell University, and the Spanish Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education, among others. He has five three-year periods (1999-2014), two teaching premiums (five-year periods: 1996-2007) and two research premiums (six-year periods: 1996-2007) recognised by the National Research Evaluation Commission (CNEAI) of the Spanish Ministry of Education. During the 2012-2013 academic year, he participated in the teaching evaluation programme (DOCENTIA), obtaining the rating of "very positive”.

He has over ten years of experience in university management. He has been Secretary of the Department of Modern Philology (2002-2005), President of the English Philology Self-assessment Committee (2004-2005), Inspection Services Assistant (2005-2006) and Director of Bachelor's Degree Curricula at the University of Alcalá (2006-2010). He has held the post of Vice President of Coordination and Communication since March 2010.


Coordination of the work of the Governance Staff and the Executive Council.

Coordination of the Foreign Languages Centre, the University's Translation Service and relations with external institutions related to languages.

Management of the University's internal and external communication, including management of the institutional image and dealing with all inquiries and requests for information.

Management and coordination of the President's Office and Secretary's Office, the Department of Institutional Communication, the Communication, Information and Promotion Service, the Web Service and the Department of External Relations and Protocol.

Promotion policies.

Signing agreements, declarations of interest or covenants on matters within his competence on behalf of the University of Alcalá.


Area Directors

  • Director of Institutional Marketing and Electronic Communication, and Audiovisual Communication Studies Laboratories and Activities Coordinator

    Roberto Carlos Álvarez Delgado