Vice President for Research and Transfer

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Office of the Vice President for Research and Transfer

Dra. Dña. María Luisa Marina Alegre

Dra. Dña. María Luisa Marina AlegreCatedrática de Química Analítica

Vice President for Research and Transfer

Professor María Luisa Marina Alegre (born Valencia, 1959) is a Graduate (1981) and a Doctor (1985) in Chemical Sciences, and became a Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Alcalá (2004).

She was a postdoctoral researcher at the INSTN, CEA, Saclay (France) in 1986. She has carried out intense teaching and research work in the field of Analytical Chemistry for 30 years. She is the head of the University of Alcalá "(Micro)-separation techniques” research group. She has participated in 20 research projects funded by European, Spanish national and regional funds, and has been lead researcher in 14 of them. She is co-editor of the book "Analysis and Detection in Capillary Electrophoresis" Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry Series (Elsevier) and the co-author of 20 book chapters published by prestigious international publishers. She has co-authored over 200 scientific papers published in prestigious international journals (SCI) and has supervised 14 doctoral theses. Her research work involves the development of innovative analytical strategies using electrophoretic and chromatographic separation and micro- and nano-separation techniques, as well as mass spectrometry applied to proteomics, metabolomics and peptidomics and chiral separations for implementation in the pharmaceutical, environmental and food fields. She has nine three-year periods (1987-2014), six teaching premiums (five-year periods: 1982-2012) and four research premiums (six-year periods: 1988-2011) recognised by the National Research Evaluation Commission (CNEAI) of the Spanish Ministry of Education.

She has been Deputy Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (1989-1991), Deputy Head of the Food Technology and Biosanitary Services Centre (1992-2005), Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (2008-2010) and Vice President of Research (2010-2014).


Management and coordination of research activities and calls, through departments, research groups, university research institutes and research support centres.

Management and coordination of extraordinary professorships.

Coordination and management of the University Library.

Implementation of the agreements of the Research Commission.

Management and coordination of knowledge transfer and innovation activities, and management and monitoring of science and technology parks.

Management and direction of the Research Results Transfer Office.

Management and monitoring of applications for patents, trademarks and registers of the University of Alcalá to the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and other offices or official of intellectual and/or industrial property registers.

Within the scope of the powers delegated to this Vice-President's Office, signing the conventions, contracts and agreements, for both transfer of ownership and exploitation rights to a work or invention, signed with the authors or inventors thereof, for the benefit of the University as an industrial and/or intellectual property licence.

On behalf of the University of Alcalá, signing any public or private documents legally necessary to formalise the establishment of technology-based companies, as well as all others arising from them.

Signing agreements, declarations of interest or covenants on matters within his competence of a general nature on behalf of the University of Alcalá.

Area Directors

  • Director of Transfer

    Luis Miguel Bergasa Pascual

  • Academic Director of the European Projects Office

    Elena García Barriocanal


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