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Dr. D. Rubén Garrido Yserte

Dr. D. Rubén Garrido YserteProfesor Titular de Economía Aplicada


D. Rubén Garrido Yserte, Senior lecturer in Applied Economics, holds a Doctorate in Economics with a Special Prize from the University of Alcalá (2000) and a Master's Degree in European Economics from the Ortega y Gasset Institute of Madrid (1996). In 2004 he was awarded the Young Researcher Award in Social Sciences by the University of Alcalá. Since joining the University in 1995, he has held various academic positions such as Head of the Department of Applied Economics (2004-2006). He is the Head of Territorial and Urban Analysis at the Institute of Economic and Social Analysis at the UAH, where he has conducted several studies on the impact of Universities on the local environment and the development of the third university mission. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Regional Science and President of the Madrid Regional Science Association, and Secretary of the Journal Investigaciones Regionales. His basic research lines focus on the regional economy, the location of activities and analysis of the microeconomic foundations for growth and regional disparities. He has done consultancy work for the DG-Regio of the European Union, the Spanish Ministry of the Economy, the Chilean Subdere (Undersecretary of Regional Development) and the Inter-American Development Bank.


  • Authorisation of University expenditure.

  • Approval and supervision of the University's investments in buildings, furniture and equipment.

  • Competences in administration and services staff which the University's Statutes assigned to the President, with the exceptions stipulated therein.

  •  Signing of agreements with other public or private institutions and/or bodies, on subjects included in the preceding paragraphs, after appropriate legal proceedings.

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